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Tips for safe sailing with kids

Tips for safe sailing with kids

Sailing is a must-try activity in Greece. But, if you are going on a sailing trip with your family, follow these useful tips for a safe and fun time with your kids.

One of the must-try activities every traveler should do in Greece is sailing. However, if you are traveling with kids, it is essential to take the necessary safety measures. Generally, kids can get easily bored and need to be entertained. Therefore, it is wise to bring with you plenty of things to make your kid busy.

Also, kids tend to be curious, so they might want to explore the boat. But in case they can get reckless, you need to implement some safety features for your kid to safely examine the yacht.

So, here are our top tips for sailing safely with kids:

Implementing rules

Like in other situations, such as school or home, it is important to create rules. With this method, kids can understand that there are some things they are allowed to do and others that they can’t. Some example rules are not leaning overboard or being seated while sailing

Small Vests

It doesn’t matter if your kid can or cannot swim. The idea of having life vests their size on board is for you to be sure they’re safe if an emergency occurs. While on board, ask for vests, and the crew will make sure to provide you. Also, it is advised for your kids to always wear a vest while on board.


Kids’ skin is more delicate than adults, so they tend to sunburn more quickly. When sailing, Greece’s hot temperature is unavoidable. So, be sure to take with you sunscreen with a high SPF factor and apply it to your kids every now and then.

Play area

It is a good idea for a child to have a play area. And the best play area for a kid onboard is the indoor table or their room. There they will have enough room for coloring, playing, watching cartoons, and doing whatever they like and want to do.

Fun games and activities

Since little kids’ attention span can be short, try to keep them entertained and interested in what’s happening around them. Explain to them the equipment on the deck, speak with them as you sail, comment on other boats and the scenery around you and try to make the sailing trip as enjoyable as possible.