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Best Cities in Europe for New Year’s Eve

Best Cities in Europe for New Year's Eve

Christmas season is a magical time. Thankfully, Europe is the epitome of magic. So, these magnificent European cities can definitely create an unforgettable holiday.

Europe is well known for its magical and fairytale-like cities that can easily mesmerize anyone any time of the year. But undoubtedly, Christmas in Europe brings out a charm and beauty that no one can resist.

Let’s see the top 5 European cities to visit at Christmas.


Prague is one of the most romantic cities in Europe, and during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it is even more magical.

The Old Town Square hosts an impressive xmas market with several stalls selling local arts and crafts, Christmas ornaments, and tasty local food and desserts.

Furthermore, the square is decorated with bright lights, a stable full of donkeys, goats, and sheep, and there are music concerts by local artists daily.


Vienna is a charming city with spectacular castles, numerous museums, and gorgeous music halls and operas.

During Christmas, all this charm and elegance reaches the maximum. The city is decorated with bright lights and hosts beautiful Christmas markets providing a festive mood.

The best thing to do while in Vienna is to head to Viennese Christkindlmarkts for tasty traditional sausages and hot chestnuts.


Munich’s Christmas markets are famous for being the largest in Europe and for their unique character and theme.

The largest market is at Marienplatz, beneath the Neo-Gothic city hall. Here, you’ll find sparkling decorations and handcrafted art and crafts in stalls ornate with lights and frosted gingerbread hearts.

However, the most beautiful market is the Medieval Christmas Market which features arts of the Middle Ages, such as blacksmithing.


London, during Christmas, becomes a vibrant light fair. Department stores feature magical scenes, museums turn into ice rinks, and parks become winter wonderlands.

For a Christmassy experience, visit the Christmas Market at Tate Modern for handmade wooden toys and festive snacks.

A must-see attraction is the Tower of London which returns to 1284 by recreating scenes from the court of Edward I.


Colmar is one of the most stunning well-preserved 13th-century towns in France. It is often called “Little Venice” due to its waterways that flow through medieval streets.

It is one of the most magical xmas spots in the world since here you can be experienced the Christmas spirit in its purest form.

The town features several Christmas markets with beautiful illuminations and lights through a labyrinth of narrow century-old streets.