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Shaped like Poseidon’s trident and sticking out into the Aegean Sea, Halkidiki is a treat for visitors.

Lush green forests that reach right down to the beach; golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise waters; a traditional style with a rich gastronomic and cultural heritage.
Halkidiki A unique destination, An intoxicating combination of blue and green.

Endless coves, unique architectural sites, perfectly preserved Christian monument and a host of unexplored treasures all add their own rich touch to the unique canvas that is Halkidiki.

That’s why Halkidiki sailing is a unique experience !!!
Halkidiki Sailing, a home to many earthly paradises!

Among this intoxicating blend of blue and green, visitors will find major hotel complexes built to the highest standards, particularly on the first of the three “legs”, the cosmopolitan Kassandra.

Here there are also traditional seafront accommodation in Sithonia, little hidden treasures and marinas along the coast, as well as some unique archaeological sites.

These include Ancient Olynthοs, Stageira, the birthplace of Aristotle and, of course, Mount Athos, a unique Christian monument, untouched by time and a living monument of Byzantine culture, standing in the midst of untouched nature.
Halkidiki sailing holidays

The region is one of the most beautiful destinations for holidays in Greece. Most have experienced its beauty by land but it is a quite different experience to discover Halkidiki by a sailing yacht.

The region with its three legs, which is like 3 different islands stick together, has many miles of coastline and for this reason you need at least a week of sailing to explode.

Power Marine Yachting can also arrange one-day, two-day and multi-days excursions in Halkidiki. Halkidiki sailing is an enjoyable even for early sailors, but also for people without any experience in sea cause winds are mild and sea routes quite close to the bay so there is an advantage to sail costa-costa.

Skippers with years of experience will ensure that your vacation is pleasurable, safe, and free of unpleasant surprises. Will lead you to all of the area’s minor and huge mysteries.
Halkidiki Mythology

Each peninsula has its own history in ancient Greek mythology. In Kassandra it is believed that the earthquake giant Enceladus was buried. Sithonia owns its name to Sithonas, the son of Poseidon and Athos got its name from the rock that flew against Olympians Gods the namesake giant.

Only the first two legs of Halkidiki can be visited by everyone from the land. Find also places to stay in Kassandra.

To Athos only male can enter and those under special license.

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