Supplies before the journey

Supplies before the journeySupplies for the journey before the journey

Our customers usually lack time and have difficulty obtaining supplies for their sailing trip. Power Marine Yachting took care of it.

We can get the products you need if you let us know. As a consequence, when you join a sailing vessel, you’ll be prepared to hoist the sails and set sail straight immediately.

This method allows one to save time, space, and money:

  • Based on our sailing trip expertise, we provide the best possible supplies list.
  • We know where to purchase your materials at the lowest feasible price.
  • We provide a specific list of items that can be comfortably put on board areas. Provisions for all days do not need to be obtained from the start of the journey. This is because all of the ports where we will stop along the way have everything you need.
  • You feel at ease since a significant portion of your vacation has been completed. As a result, you may go on your sailing adventure with confidence.

The purchase of any materials from us at the request of a client is proven by presenting the relevant receipt to the customer upon their arrival.

Carefree, safe and well organized sailing holiday only with Power Marine Yachting !