Airports, Transfer

Nearest airportsNearest airports

A very important part of sailing holidays, is the easy access to the sailing boats. The access from airports should be comfortable, trouble-free and safe.

Bases of Power Marine Yachting is always near to airports for better service for our customers.

The nearest airports are:

  1. Airport Macedonia, Thessaloniki. It is 80 km  from our base in Neos Marmaras Halkidiki. The road is the National road Thessaloniki – Halkidiki. Travel time is 1 hour to the port of N. Marmara.
  2. Skiathos Airport. It’s just 2 km from our base of the port of Skiathos Town. Distance to the port is 10 minutes.
  3. The National Airport of Kavala “Megas Alexandros”. Is located 30 km. from our base in the port of Kavala. Travel time to the port 30 minutes.
  4.  Nea Anchialos National Airport, Volos. It is located 24 km. southwest of the center of Volos, where is our base and is easy to accessed from the National motorway 1 (Athens – Thessaloniki). Travel time to the port of Volos, is 30 minutes.

Hence, you can have easy access from airports to yachts and bases of Power Marine Yachting.

Which airport is convenient for you and for any sailing destination you choose,  Power Marine Yachting will take care of you with the best and most comfortable way.

Transfer from airports to sailboats of Power Marine Yachting

Power Marine Yachting to ease its customers vacations, it has created a network for easy and trouble-free transfer from airports. The transfer is done with cars and buses that associate with our company.

To do this you must communicate ( with Power Marine Yachting, for the details: the number of the arrival, the programnmed time of arrival, the number of persons, any special needs  etc.

The same of course applies to departures from yachts to the airports.

Prices for airports transportation are arranged after agreement with the customers and they have extra charge.

Power Marine Yachting is trying to have the best prices for the transfer, so that customers have the best possible vacation package