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Discover the history of sailing in Greece

Discover the history of sailing in Greece

Sailing across the Aegean Sea in Greece is a must-do activity on your summer holiday. But do you know Greece’s fascinating history of sailing?

Discover here more about sailing from ancient times till today.

Sailing has a long and rich history in Greece, dating back thousands of years. The Greeks have been known for their seafaring abilities since ancient times, and sailing has played a significant role in their culture and economy.

In ancient Greece, sailing was essential for trade and commerce. The Greeks were skilled sailors and navigators, and their ships were among the most advanced of their time. They used sailing vessels to transport goods such as wine, olive oil, and pottery to other parts of the Mediterranean and beyond.

Sailing also played a significant role in Greek mythology. The god of the sea, Poseidon, was one of the most important deities in the Greek pantheon, and many myths and legends involve sailing and seafaring adventures.

During the Byzantine era, sailing was still an important part of Greek culture. In fact, the Byzantine Empire was a maritime power and developed advanced sailing techniques, including using lateen sails and the dromon, a type of faster and more maneuverable warship.

In the modern era, sailing has remained an essential part of Greek culture. Greece has a long coastline and thousands of islands, making it an ideal destination for sailing enthusiasts. Today, sailing is a popular recreational activity in Greece, with many people enjoying the beautiful waters and stunning scenery. In conclusion, sailing has a rich and fascinating history in Greece. From ancient times to the present day, sailing has played a significant role in Greek culture, economy, and mythology.

So, next time you are in Greece, be part of Greece’s sailing history through a lovely and unforgettable yacht sailing cruise across the Aegean Sea!