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Tips for First Time on a Yacht

Tips for First Time on a Yacht-nautical dictionary

Are you traveling by yacht for the first time? Check here for essential tips to remember before your trip.

Every trip needs careful preparation and organization, but this is particularly true for first-timers on a yacht. Generally, most boaters have a pre-departure checklist for all the necessities they should take aboard. So, as a first-timer, it is essential to have a list of all the things you will need for safety, comfort, and entertainment. Let’s see seven tips you should keep in mind for a safe and relaxing yacht trip.

Soft-Shell Luggage:

Soft-shell luggage is easier to carry, move around with, and store. Furthermore, boaters prefer to avoid hard-shell luggage because it can cause damage to the yacht’s surface.

Appropriate footwear:

Soft-soled shoes are preferred for comfortably walking on the yacht and for island hopping. Of course, you might plan to visit a rather elegant place after arriving at your destination. But it is still better to bring shoes such as high heels with you and change into them afterward instead of wearing them during the trip.


Sailing also means being exposed to the sun for a long period, especially if you are yachting in Greece’s hot temperatures. So, it is essential to have sunscreen with a high SPF factor to avoid sunburns.

Ask for life vests:

Whether you know how to swim or not, ask the crew for life vests on board in case an emergency occurs. It is especially important to have vests if you are traveling with kids, specifically to ask for small-size vests.


Although there is always food and drinks on a yacht, it is important to carry additional provisions. For instance, extra water is always essential to have on hand because it’s easy to become dehydrated on hot summer days. Other important provisions include suntan lotion and bug repellent, which can significantly increase your comfort level aboard a boat.