7 Days sailing trip(Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos)

7 Days sailing trip(Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos)

If you’ve dreamed a sailing trip to the Greek islands, now it’s time to do it! Power Marine Yachting organizes 7 Days sailing trip(Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos) in the best possible way and at very affordable prices. Sporades is an ideal destination for sailing holidays:


    • Meltemi (which is a northeast wind) and winds in Sporades are mild, typically 3 to 5 beauforts. In  Cyclades and  Dodecanese, the wind reaches up to  7 and 8 beauforts at  the same period. Wind conditions of Sporades are ideal for sailing cruises.
    • All islands of Sporades have secure and organized ports with good services (water, electricity, easy access etc.).
    • Sporades have many safe, secluded coves, bays and naval shelters for an idyllic night.
    • Villages of Sporades are very beautiful, with their special architecture and their unique tradition.
    • Beaches of Sporades are for all taste, isolated, small, large, organized, with fine sand, pebble. One of the strongest advantages of the islands is their beaches.
    • Food in Sporades is also a very strong asset. Amazing pies, local meats, fresh fish and many local recipes. The most elegant restaurants are not missing.
    • Entertainment and nightlife is for all taste, at market  you can find everything, taverns, quiet bars, picturesque cafes, clubs for intense rhythms, quality shops for discerning people. Every island has its own personality.
    • Very beautiful images from the natural beauty of the islands, combining intense vegetation, wild landscapes, waters in all shades of blue and green and horizons reminiscent of paintings !!!

A 7 Days sailing trip(Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos) with Power Marine Yachting is the perfect way to make your dream come true!


7-day program

A 7 Days sailing trip(Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos), can start  from N.Marmaras in Halkidiki,  from Skiathos or Skopelos. The program that follows is indicative and starts from N.Marmaras.

1st Day. We put the luggage and supplies on board and   a short briefing about the boat and the journey is made by the captain. As a reference to supplies and transportation from the airport, there is a possibility to be organised by Power Marine Yachting. For details click here, Airports, transportation and supplies on board. We open sails for the island of Kyra Panagia and enjoy the Aegean by sailing. We moor in St. Peter’s natural bay. We can swim in the crystal clear waters and stay for the night.

2nd Day. We take our morning dive and eat our breakfast. We are heading for the beaches of Alonissos. In the afternoon we moor  to Steni Vala or Patitiri. Here we have the opportunity to visit the amazing Old Chora Alonnisos, with the incredible sunset. One of the most beautiful of the Aegean!

3rd Day. We raise anchor and continue for the beautiful beaches of Alonissos. Our sea route goes to Skopelos and in the afternoon we arrive and we moor in the beautiful hora of Skopelos and stay overnight. The beautiful hora of Skopelos has everything, shopping, restaurants, tavernas, bars, clubs and whatever you want.

4th Day.We wake up and after we have taken our Skopelian pies for breakfast, we open sails for the beautiful beaches on the south of the island. When  we are filled with sea and sun, we moor at the afternoon for an overnight stay in the natural bay of Panormos. One of the most beautiful coves in the Aegean! Here the picturesque taverns are on the waves and the scenery is idyllic.

5th Day. We untie the cables and take the bow to Skiathos. On the way we sail and stop for a swim in the islet of Tsoukria. An amazing islet with blue-green waters, a breath away from the port of Skiathos. Early in the afternoon we moor in the town of Skiathos, where we stay for the night. The cosmopolitan Skiathos has what your heart asks!

6th Day. We raise anchor and open sails for western Skopelos and its magical bays. One beach follows  the other, with the scenery to be enchanting! At the end of the day we set in N. Klima or Glossa, two beautiful ports from where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets! Here you can enjoy fresh fish with a unique view!

7th Day. After we wake up and take our morning dive, we lift the anchor and get started for N. Marmaras. Enjoying the route and sailing, we reach the area of Halkidiki. We  swim at to the magical bays of Porto Carras and after the sunset we set in the harbor of N. Marmaras for our last night. The next day at 9.00am remove your luggage and depart from the boat with unique memories!


The schedule of  7 Days sailing trip(Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos) can be changed. Depending on weather condition  and costumer’s preference, after the captain’s agreement, who must first of all take care the safety of the crew and the boat.



Price of 7 Days sailing trip(Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos)

-From 1.900 € (up to 6 persons), for the months April – November.

-From 2.600 € (up to 6 persons),

for the period May  – 14th June  and from 30th September- to 30th October.

-From 3.100 € (up to 6 persons), for the period 15th June – to 30th  September.


For more that 6 persons there is the available option to additional vessels. As well as the transfer, to & from the airport,can be  arranged upon request.


include Skipper, VAT, Port fees,  linen, towels, cleaning costs.

not include  Fuel, food and drinks.