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NAUTICAL LEXICON by Power Marine Yachting

A very Trimmed Nautical Lexicon(Dictionery) Greek- English. We think you’ll find it very useful. The nautical lexicon dictionery by Power Marine Yachting!   Greek-English dictionary of sailing terms: Άβακας (παπαδιά, καθρέφτης) = abacus Αβαράρω (απωθώ, σπρώχνω) = shove Αγαντάρω = avast, fend off (σταματώ και κρατώ κάτι σταθερά χωρίς να λασκάρω ή να φερμάρω) Άγκυρα = […]


Airports, transportation and supplies on board

Nearest airports A very important part of sailing holidays, is the easy access to the sailing boats.The access from airports should be comfortable, trouble-free and safe. Bases of Power Marine Yachting is always near to airports for better service for our customers. The nearest airports are: Airport Macedonia, Thessaloniki. It is 80 km  from our […]