charter sailing yacht Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos

Charter Sailing yacht in Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos

Charter sailing yacht  Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos, for long vacations, is the best option for sailing holidays in the Greek islands. These islands are the Northern Sporades, which also include Skyros and more. Some are inhabited today, others do not. And when we say “inhabited” means by  people. Because the islands that don’t have a  permanent human presence, are inhabited by […]

Sailing holidays in Sporades-Διακοπές με ιστιοπλοϊκό στις Σποράδες

Sailing holidays in Sporades- A life-time vacations

Sailing holidays in Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Skyros): a uniquely alternative destination. Explore the Sporades islands, in the northwest Aegean! Dense vegetation; rocky landscapes, and pure blue seas: a uniquely alternative destination. Go for sailing holidays in Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Skyros) and have a life-time vacations! What islands are called Sporades? Sporades are in […]