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Discover beautiful historical sites at the Sporades islands

Discover beautiful historical sites at the Sporades islands

Planning a trip to the islands of Sporades? If you are a history lover, check out these beautiful historical sites to visit while exploring the islands.

Greece is a fantastic destination to discover ancient history through numerous beautiful and extraordinary archaeological sites. No matter where you choose to vacation in Greece, you will surely encounter the country’s rich history.

The Sporades islands are known as the jewels of the Aegean Sea. They rose to fame thanks to the Mamma Mia movies that featured their stunning and marvelous natural beauty. Their unique terrain and pristine blue waters are just a few things that made them so famous.

However, their natural beauty is only the tip of what will amaze you about Sporades islands. You will also be amazed by their history. After all, the Sporades have a significant historical role in Greece that you can experience while touring around the islands.

The islands were first inhabited in the Paleolithic era in Kokkinokastro in Alonnisos. Gradually, all the islands flourished economically with the arrival of the Minoans and then the Mycenaeans.

During the Byzantine years, they were used as an exile destination and suffered from pirate invasions. Throughout the years, they met the Venetian occupation and Turkish rule.

Let’s see some must-see historical sites to visit:

Medieval Castle, Skiathos

Located on the northern side of Skiathos, the castle is accessible by boat or through a track path. It was part of a former Medieval town, built on a rocky cliff. In the area, there are remains of old structures such as churches, walls, baths, and many more.

Venetian Castle, Skopelos

Located in the main town, the Venetian Castle is built on the ancient ruins of the city of Peparithos during the 13th century A.D.

Monastery of Agia Varvara, Skopelos

The fortified monastery of Agia Varvara has beautiful frescoes dating from the 15th century. It is located close to the capital and near the monasteries of Prodromos and Metamorfosi.

Pirate Graves, Skopelos

It is believed that on Sendoukia at Mount Karia, there are the graves of pirates. In fact, on this spot, there are ancient graves carved on the rocks.

Castle, Alonissos

The castle is situated in the old village of Alonnisos and offers fantastic sea views. The beautiful church of St. George, dated from the 16th century, is also located there and can be visited.

Byzantine Castle, Skyros

The Byzantine Castle stands on a hill, and its purpose was to protect the island from enemies and pirates. Above the entrance, there is a marble lion engraved on the wall, and inside you’ll see the Monastery Tower of Agios Georgios.

Monastery of Agios Georgios, Skyros

The monastery of Agios Georgios is a beautifully preserved structure built in the 10th century. It stands beneath the castle, giving a breathtaking view of Chora.

Prehistoric Palamari, Skyros

The ancient site of Palamari is located in the northern part of Skyros. It is considered one of the most important Neolithic settlements of the Aegean Sea.