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Best Islands for Sailing in Greece

Best Islands for Sailing in Greece -5 days sailing vacations in Halkidiki.

Greece is an ideal destination for those interested in sailing. In fact, Greece has some of the best destinations for sailing worldwide. So, let’s see the best islands for sailing in Greece.

Greece has more than 6000 islands, but only 227 are inhabited. Nevertheless, you can still explore and discover many different islands featuring beautiful scenery, archaeological sites, pristine nature, folk villages, cosmopolitan towns, and stunning beaches.

So, the Greek islands are undoubtedly some of the best spots for sailing and marveling at the Aegean Sea’s sky-blue waters and stunning island scenery.

So, let’s see the best islands for sailing for your next summer holiday in Greece.


Part of the Sporades Islands, Skopelos is a beautiful island that gained popularity due to the famous movie Mamma Mia. It features pristine blue waters, a golden coast to sail around, and three ports to set anchor. Skopelos offers beautiful sandy bays, pebbly coves, and large rock cliffs to marvel at while sailing.


Rhodes is one of the largest Greek islands, meaning it offers various experiences, from swimming in turquoise waters at golden sandy beaches to exploring archaeological and medieval monuments. For a more adventurous holiday, head to Falikaki for water sports or bungee jumping.


Located in the heart of the Cyclades Islands, Mykonos is the perfect island for a luxurious sailing retreat. It is one of the most famous islands in Greece, so it is also one of the most lively spots to visit. Mykonos is mainly famous for its outstanding beaches, great restaurants, and fantastic beach bars.


Paros is part of the Cyclades Islands group and one of the most loved holiday locations. Parikia is the capital and one of the busier spots on the island, with many great restaurants and historic buildings. Kolymbithres Beach is a popular destination because of its seawater sculptures of golden sand developed on granite rocks.


Santorini offers a unique experience that no other place in Greece does. Specifically, Santorini features a volcano, which erupted back in 1646 BC, and is still active. Also, due to the volcano, Santorini has stunning colorful beaches. Some of them are Kokkini Paralia with a red-colored wall beach, Aspri Paralia with white cliffs, and Perivolos with black sand. Lastly, if you love scuba diving, be sure to check out the shipwreck at Taxiarchis.